Frequently Asked Questions

What types of flooring do you offer?

We offer Hardwood, Bamboo, Engineered wood, Tile, and Luxury Vinyl Plank, Laminate, Linoleum, Sheet Vinyl, VCT, LVT, Carpet Tile, Carpet & More for all your flooring options to suit every style and budget.

Why is Flooring Important?

Since the floor is underfoot and takes up so much real estate in any space, it has a significant impact on the aesthetic of your home. If you want to change the look of a room, change the floors. Flooring can make your space look instantly cooler, warmer, larger, smaller, more intimate, cozier and more luxe.

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes, we offer free estimates for all our flooring installation services.

How long does the installation process take?

The installation process varies depending on the type of flooring and the size of the project, but our team works efficiently to minimize disruption to your daily routine.

Are my Subfloors in good shape?

Your floor should be firm under your feet. Even if you've got carpet, you still shouldn't feel your floor moving beneath your feet. If your floor feels bouncy, springy, or spongy, that's a sign of a problem with your subfloor.

How much Flooring will you need?

How do I calculate square feet for flooring?

Measure the width of the room in feet.

Similarly, measure the room's length in feet.

Multiply these two dimensions to obtain the total square foot flooring: square foot flooring = width × length.

That's it!

What are the points to consider when choosing Flooring?


If you have pets or children, consider the durability needed to handle extra scuffing and damage. Finally, you'll want to make sure certain rooms of your house have the toughest materials. Flooring for bathrooms and kitchens should be water-resistant as they'll have to handle regular spills and moisture.

Are there any warranties?

Warranties are all based on the manufacturer, if we recommend a certain type or brand of flooring, we will stand behind our installation and guarantee it. 

Can I install the Flooring myself?

On average, a professional installation might take anywhere from a day to a few days for larger or intricate projects. DIY installations may take longer, especially if it's your first time tackling a flooring project. It is always a better decision to have your flooring installed by a professional. 

Is Luxury Vinyl water proof?

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring comes in square-shaped pieces and a variety of sizes, while LVP is rectangular and often imitates the look of hardwood flooring. Both luxury vinyl flooring options are highly durable and waterproof, making them ideal for use in moisture- and spill-prone areas.

Are you properly insured?

Yes we are properly licensed & Insured

Which direction should my Flooring run?

The most common way to lay your flooring is by aligning the planks parallel to the longest wall. Apart from a few exceptions like sagging joists, this is the preferred direction to lay wood floors because it aesthetically provides the best result.